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Expand Your E-commerce Business Globally with Tailored Solutions

​Global Opportunity:
Smart Marketing Strategies and
the Best Locations
for Your E-commerce Business​

We are a Leading Global Marketing Agency and
Brand Strategy Specialist.
Our experienced team excels
in Crafting Tailored Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses seeking
international expansion.
With Expertise in Customized Global Product Consulting,
our services ensure Maximum online visibility
and Global Success.​

We Specialize in the US, South Korea, Turkey, Dubai Argentina and More

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Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Justine Sinclair’s Path to Triumph

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Justine Sinclair’s Path to Triumph

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Justine Sinclair’s Path to Triumph

Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Daily Inspiration: Meet Justine Sinclair.        

Stars in Her Eyes                                            

From Setbacks to Success: Justine Sinclair’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial....

From Setbacks to Success: Justine Sinclair’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial...

From Setbacks to Success: Justine Sinclair’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial...

Dreamers meet your new fairy godmother: dreamOway

Superstar Guest Justine Sinclair, Founder and CEO, dreamOway

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Revitalizing Dreams: Justine Sinclair’s Resilience in Business

Revitalizing Dreams: Justine Sinclair’s Resilience in Business

Inspirational Women Leaders Of Tech: Justine Sinclair of dreamOway On...

Juntine Sinclair, Founder and CEO, dreamOway

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Navigating Dreams and Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Revitalizing Dreams: Justine Sinclair’s Resilience in Business

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing​

dreamOway Founder and CEO Justine Sinclair is Today’s Honoree

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

International Business

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Navigating Dreams and Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Breaking Chains, Building Opportunities: Justine Sinclair’s Story

Justine Sinclair, Founder and CEO, dreamOway

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Navigating Dreams and Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Breaking Chains, Building Opportunities: Justine Sinclair's Story

Goal and Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses to succeed globally. We offer expert advice and support,
drawing from our experience in launching various products and brands across the world.
As global business consultants, we specialize in spotting new market opportunities for
your business to grow internationally.

We start by closely examining each product and brand to identify the best growth opportunities.
By understanding what makes each product unique, we can find the perfect markets for expansion
and craft marketing strategies that speak directly to each audience.

We stand out because we focus on organic marketing methods aimed at building a strong,
loyal customer base. We believe in creating lasting trust and credibility with customers rather than
just using eye-catching ads.

​In today's global market, the traditional 9-to-5 workday doesn't cut it. We're here for you 24/7,
ready to offer support and advice whenever you need it.

Embark on a Journey to Global Success with
The E-Com Genie!

Unlock Your E-Commerce Potential

Break Through Growth Barriers:
Hit your growth stride without stumbling.
With our strategic plans, scaling up is smoother than ever.

Easy Market Entry: Dive into new markets effortlessly. Our expert insights help you
navigate legal and cultural challenges with ease.

Boost Your Customer Base:
Draw in customers cost-effectively.
Our strategies make your brand irresistible.

Strengthen Your Supply Chain: Transform your supply network into a global force
of reliability and speed.

Embrace Digital Innovation: Future-proof your brand by integrating cutting-edge
technology at its core.

Personalized Experiences, Worldwide Impact

Custom Connections: Make every customer feel uniquely valued, no matter where they are.

Build Loyalty: Our secrets keep customers returning, boosting your brand's appeal.

Leverage Data: Use insights to stay ahead and outsmart the competition.

Seamless Tech Integration:
Ensure a flawless shopping experience with harmonized
e-commerce technology.

Your Blueprint for Global Dominance

Uncover Market Opportunities:
Our research reveals lucrative global niches for your products.

Strategic Mastery:
Navigate the international market confidently with our proven

Creative Campaigns:
Capture hearts globally with marketing that resonates across cultures.

Efficient Supply Chain:
Enjoy smooth cross-border product flow, thanks to our strategic planning.

Data-Powered Success:
Use analytics to predict trends and captivate a global audience.

Elevate Your E-Commerce Experience

Revolutionize Customer Relations: Turn customer data into exceptional experiences
and increased sales.

Craft Memorable Journeys:
From the first click to loyal following,
we create captivating customer paths.

Innovate and Lead:
Stay ahead with market-leading products and technology.

Global Market Navigation:
Expand your reach with our comprehensive
market entry and growth strategies.

Communicate, Engage, Win

Build a Strong Brand Image:
Shape a reputation that echoes across continents
with our PR expertise.

Media Mastery: Shine in the media spotlight and convert attention into profit.

Crisis Management:
Protect your brand from potential crises with our proactive strategies.

Sustainable Success

Champion Sustainability:
Integrate eco-friendly practices for a lasting legacy.

Make an Impact:
Stand out by driving social change through your brand.

Ready to take your brand global with a partner as committed as you are? With The Ecom Genie, your journey from startup to global success is just a wish away. Illuminate your brand and multiply your revenue with tailored strategies that resonate across cultures and markets. Dive into the global scene with ease, backed by our expertise in digital strategy, customer engagement, and seamless market entry.​

Why Choose The Ecom Genie?

Expertise in E-Commerce:
We live and breathe online business, fluent in the dynamics
of global markets.

Worldwide Connections:
Leverage our global network to unlock new opportunities.

Customized Strategies:
Enjoy tailor-made plans that fit your brand perfectly.

Digital Excellence:
Boost your global presence with our digital marketing savvy.

From networking to digital magnetism,
we ensure every aspect of
your e-commerce venture is supercharged for global success. Picture your brand thriving across continents, with The Ecom Genie as your guide to
new heights. Ready to transform your brand into a global phenomenon?
Let's make it happen together.
Your brand's limitless journey starts now. Let's embark on this exciting path to success.

Welcome to Dreamer:
Where Your Business Journey Begins
Make Your Brand a Global Hit

  Make Brand to Shine, Grow Your Revenue

Global Visionaries: We're here to turn your startup dream into a worldwide success.
Make Your Brand Famous Everywhere: Memorable and Irresistible.:
Ready to rock the global stage and earn real profits?
Let's spotlight your Brand and Turn it into a worldwide Star.
Simplify Your Journey from the US to the World: The global market is tricky, but we make it easy.
We're your fast track to new opportunities.
Custom Plans for Your Unique Brand: Your business is special. We craft strategies that
fit you perfectly, considering different cultures and market demands.

Step into New Markets Stress-Free

Dive into new territories without worries. We do the heavy lifting,
from market research to making you a global name. Just focus on your product,
and we’ll fit it in anywhere.
Grow with confidence. We offer continuous support and advice,
helping you and succeed as markets evolve.

Start Your Global Adventure

The world needs your E-Commerce Brand. With us, you can make your US-based dream
a global success story.
Connect Globally with a Click: The secret to success? Connecting with customers worldwide.
We'll show you how to enter big E-Commerce markets and win loyal customers.
Smart Growth: Our advice helps you understand and tap into international markets with ease.
Learn to expand globally and see your sales soar.
Our Marketing Promise: We guarantee fresh, specific strategies for top-notch results.
Expect high revenue and impactful growth with our straightforward approach.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise in E-commerce and Global Markets: We know how to grow online businesses
and understand international markets like the back of our hand.
Worldwide Connections: Our global network is your ticket to success.
Specialized Knowledge: Having lived in South Korea, Japan, and Dubai,
I bring unique insights and strong connections. What Sets Us Apart:

Tailored Branding: We ensure your brand looks professional and globally appealing.
Digital and Content Marketing: We use SEO and social media targeting to
reach the right audience worldwide.
Customized Help: Strategies perfectly aligned with your business needs.
Proven Success: A track record of helping clients thrive.

Our Services:
Entering new markets and cultural training.
Business development, networking, and legal support.
Partnering with locals for a stronger presence.
Digital strategy optimization and online security.

Why Us?:
Boost Your Business: Increase sales and customer satisfaction.
Efficiency: Make your operations more cost-effective and time-saving.
Flexibility and Profit Growth: Quick adaptations for better profitability.
Let's make your global business dreams a reality.
Choose us for a journey filled with growth, success, and global connections.

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Fast-Track Your Startup Success

Available Now, Due to Popular Request
 Limited Time Service for Startups!​

Red Carpet Package 
​for All Start-ups

Quick Success,
High Quality,
Zero Stress:
Build Your Business
in Under 8 Months​

I work worldwide in the consulting and e-commerce sector, helping unique products
reach international markets.
Lately, many have sought my advice on launching their businesses.
Starting a business is a common dream,
but obstacles like lack of proper resources and the threat of scams often stand in the way.

Every day, the internet offers numerous classes and courses, but picking the right one is crucial.
My goal is to continuously learn and enhance my business, but
I understand the journey can be daunting.
It's easy to lose your way or waste resources on ineffective strategies.
For instance, those in consulting should look beyond just funnel/website tactics to
more personalized solutions.

Throughout my career, I've seen many fall prey to scams. I aim to guide dreamers toward achieving their business ambitions, emphasizing the importance of carving out your path over following others.

To address these challenges, I've developed a unique program, currently in its trial phase.
It's designed to be efficient, aiming to save you time and money.

Paying for high-priced mentors may seem beneficial, but it often leads to spending over $100,000 with limited direct support. These programs might not guarantee success and can lead to frustration and financial loss.

Starting with an agency involves numerous extra costs and can take years to find success.
The internet's success stories don't always show the full picture, and the risk of scams
and legal troubles is real.
I've navigated these challenges personally and can help you do the same.

My program is practical, less than 8 months long, and focuses on real results.
While I may not be famous, I prioritize helping you make money and supporting you
through any hurdles.
Let's work together to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

When you begin your business, you aim to make more money. You don’t want to waste time or
lose money looking for success. People will give you advice because it benefits them too,
but they might not show you how to achieve your dreams and goals in a way that works for you.
The choice is yours.

Here's What You Get:
​A Fast Track to Save Money and Time

Get Your Business Ready with Clients in Under 8 Months (We'll Do It for You)
Business Plan Creation. ( Value $3500)
Website Development ( Value $2500)
Creation of the Product You Desire. ( Value $25,000)
Marketing Strategy and Management ( Value. $5,000 x 8 = $24,000)
Legal and Compliance Assistance. ( Complimentary)
Product Development Support. ( Value $20,000)
Sales Strategies. ( Value $16,000)
Training and Resources ( Value. $24,000)
Public Relations Service (8 to 10 publications). ( value $15,000)
Ongoing Support and Consulting ( Complementary)

Customized Training Workshops in areas like social media marketing,
and sales techniques ( Value: Priceless)

Priority Customer Support
Complementary Copywriting (value over $15,000)
Networking Opportunities to Connect with Potential Clients ( Value: Priceless)
Performance Review and Optimization ( Value $4,000)
Marketing Material Creation ( value $24,000)
Weekly Support and Training

Customizable Service Options:

Choose or customize services based on specific business needs.
This package reduces the initial workload and learning curve for new business owners, helping them start earning revenue more quickly.

Plus, you'll receive Surprise Gifts at Your Door!

Get Complimentary Advice Now

Let My Story Inspire Your Dreams

Hello!  I'm Justine Sinclair, and let me tell you, my journey has been an absolute rollercoaster of passion, perseverance, and purpose.

Picture this: I've been a self-taught explorer, diving deep into the intricate world of social media and personal branding. Countless years were devoted to crafting and refining DreamOway. I've danced through the labyrinth of app development, and faced daunting legal and financial challenges in business, all while juggling the profound responsibilities of single motherhood – chasing my entrepreneurial dreams with a fiery determination.

Along this tumultuous journey, I've had my moments in the spotlight, recognized and celebrated for my groundbreaking work in social media app development, and hailed as a mentor
for budding entrepreneurs.
These achievements? They're not just accolades; they're a testament to the burning passion and unwavering commitment that fuel my mission.

But here's the kicker: Beyond the relentless world of business, there's a lot more to my story. Picture a single mom gracefully shouldering the weight of parenthood while building a business from the ground up. Adversity? Oh, it's been my constant companion, and you know what?
I've mastered the art of turning those obstacles into golden opportunities.

Now, let's talk about the hair-raising part of my journey. I poured every last penny I had into DreamOway, ready to conquer the world and achieve the kind of success most folks can only dream about. But guess what? Challenges came charging in like a storm. A promising TV show deal?
It didn't quite pan out as expected, and boy did financial troubles hit me like
a ton of bricks.
At my lowest point, I was faced with the gut-wrenching decision to sell
my own home.

But you wanna know what kept me going through all that chaos? It was the unwavering vision of my daughter, a living testament to resilience and the refusal to let go of one's dreams.

I was hell-bent on reigniting my passion for public relations, marketing, advertising, and global Brand consulting, so I turned to mentors who've collectively seen more than $150 million in their careers.

So, here's the deal.
I'm extending an invitation to you. We will be your golden ticket to turn your wildest aspirations into vivid your business.
It's not just a platform;
it's the rocket that will propel your dreams to new heights. Are you ready to take that wild ride with me and my world-class team?


Case Study

What others are saying about us

"Turning Instagram into a Profitable Playground"

The team has a remarkable knack
for identifying my weaknesses and uncovering hidden strengths I never knew existed. I'm now thoroughly enjoying using my Instagram to share my unique content and, in the process, generating income that adds to the excitement.
85k followers for  $4700/month income

- John Mackinn, Belmont NJ

"Surpassing Expectations"

I initially had doubts about her ability to manage
my publication in Australia, and Denmark,  but she handled it adeptly
and even delivered an extra five.
I did a Turker  TV show interview ,too

- Sherry  Wave , Sydney Australia

"As a personal trainer to protein Juice"

Justine's Expertise: Transforming My Protein supplements Startup, Reigniting My Brand, and Capturing the Asian Market, Generating Over $ 7 figure in Less Than Two Years.

- Alf  F, Hampton, NY

"From Zero to 40K"

How Justine Turned My Branding Dreams into a Cheek Stick Success Story in Just 5 Months, with More Exciting Journeys Ahead.
I made $ 6 figures from 0 in the US and Turkey.
Ready to Launch in Japan and S. Korea

- Emily Penon

"Brand Magic"

She took the time to understand my business needed and tailored services to fit better. The results is a brand that feels right and True to  who I am , Who I want to be.  My global expansion is fun to generate great source of incomes.
Great journey and  more exciting.....

- Nick from  J tea 

"Building Instagram Skills."

Harnessing 3 Viral Reels and Forging a Connection with a Billboard Music Producer – My Exciting Path Towards Recording and Publishing My Debut Song. 
Will update my music soon.

- Mary Steiner, PA

"From Hesitation to Success Road"

Making the Right Investment in
My First Hire, Slashing Facebook Ad Expenses in Half, and Achieving Fourfold Results – The Astonishing Dedication of a Hardworking Partner Who Listens and Solves Business Challenges Wholeheartedly.

- Joe Allen, K-- company

"Our Quaterback"

Our publication is selling four times more since Justine joined as our quarterback.  Furthermore, it's astonishing how you can understand the minds of various generations.

- AriRang magazine

"Great Journey Together"

I really enjoy working with you. You're an amazing and surprising person. I'm excited to embark
on more journeys together. 
Ellen Jacoby was appointed to the First Film Advisory Board, by Governor Jeb Bush, and named “Woman of the Millennium” by Miami Metro Magazine, and a former Mayor of Miami Beach proclaimed October 23rd as Ellen Jacoby Day.

- Ellen Jocoby

"Because of You"

Collaborating with you is a breeze because you're an attentive problem solver who genuinely cares. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with you. I believe that
the upcoming year holds great promise for my new business, thanks to your mission and support.
Your knowledge is undeniably a valuable asset.

- Alfredo Versace

"Genuine Support"

Fantastic Collaboration:  She unearthed my old song and revitalized it. making it shine again...another Billboard Charts.
Your Genuine Support and Heartfelt Work Fuel My Career.
- song, " Be  Myself"

- Qil

"Your service is better than my butter"

I'm amazed by your unwavering support, even during late nights and weekends. Your dedication to helping me is truly thanks. 

- F. Lan



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Austin TX 78701

16192 Coastal Hwy Suite 111
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