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International Relations
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Transform Your Brand with Revolutionary Marketing

Deliver Tangible Results with Proven Strategies

Are you ready to be the next big name in your industry? Diverge from traditional marketing methods and
embrace a strategy that guarantees exceptional growth
through personal branding and reputation management.

Inspired by the phenomenal success of icons like Kylie Jenner—who amassed a billion dollars in just six months
—our approach outshines outdated methods that even decades-
old brands rely on.
We focus on delivering tangible results that show how your investment translates
into long-term success.

In today’s digital marketplace, success is driven by trustworthiness and visibility.
Our mission is to craft a compelling brand that naturally attracts consumers,
reducing the need for costly advertising. By enhancing your personal brand and solidifying your reputation,
we ensure your message resonates deeply with global audiences.

We emphasize the importance of
a charismatic brand ambassador who can engage the public and
a dedicated operations leader to keep the business running smoothly.
This approach helps your business grow organically,
increases visibility,
and makes you a beloved name worldwide.

​Ready to achieve remarkable growth with minimal advertising spend?
Contact us today to start your journey towards becoming a global phenomenon.
Let us help you transform your brand and deliver the results you deserve.

Elevate Your E-Commerce with
​a Dynamic Personal Brand!

In the digital age, your brand and reputation are your most valuable assets.
We understand that running an e-commerce business is about more than just selling products
—it's about creating a lasting impression and building a dynamic personal brand.

Our Strategic Approach

Personal Branding
We help you create a strong, compelling personal brand that resonates with your audience,
turning first-time visitors into loyal, lifelong customers.

Reputation Management
We ensure your online presence is impeccable, building a trustworthy and reliable image that
boosts your sales and fosters growth.

Emotional Marketing
We use emotional psychology to create marketing strategies that connect deeply with
your customers, making your brand irresistible.

Why Choose Us?

Attract Tourists and Events
We boost the local economy by attracting (ex: tourists and events),
making your destination a prime attraction.

Global Reach
Our international networks help your brand reach a wider audience, expanding your market presence globally.

Proven Results
We deliver measurable results that show how your investment leads to long-term success.​

Our Service

DTC and Digital Sales Growth

Justine’s Roadmap:
Optimize digital marketing efforts.
Digital acquisition media mix optimization.
Web analytics assessment, dashboard development,
audience segmentation,
data trend reporting,
conversion analysis,
and action plan recommendations.
Offline synergy and mapping for online merchandising and content development.

Strategic Planning

Marketing best practices audit,
gap assessment,
and recommendations.
Annual plan development,
CRM dashboards,
and forecasting models.
Strategic marketing framework.
brand gap analysis.
High-level, long-range planning tools.
Catalog and direct mail strategy development and optimization.
Multi-channel strategic planning for
digital and print efforts
to drive traffic.
Product merchandising, assortment, and planning.
DTC roadmaps and growth models for wholesale brands.

Content Planning and Strategy

Content strategy development.
Audience insights and
persona development.
Brand voice and tone.
Channel evaluations.
Asset mix and gap analysis.
Planning for business and
brand objectives.
Governance and workflow.
Extensive content creative network.
Benchmarking and KPIs.
Analytics and insights.

Data Management Integration

Determine the right data needs
and technology stack.
Customer Data Platform needs and marketplace assessments.
RFI/RFP project management, technical specs, and requirements.
System integration and process flow.
Integration of new data management tools/systems.

Talent Solutions

Recruiting services for senior-level management for multi-channel retailers, agencies, and brands.
Organization development, succession planning, and leadership coaching.
Interim management for senior marketing and e-commerce roles.

Customer Acquisition and Retention Experts

We specialize in eCommerce and digital marketing advice, support, and implementation.
Our services include catalog and direct-to-customer experience, customer file growth
and retention initiatives, and CRM and CDP strategy, planning, and measurement.

Hire Us as Your Agency a quarterback

We offer interim management, repositioning advice and support, and superior talent management.
Our global and local expertise, along with our deep network of client and agency-side talent,
ensures your agency's growth and differentiation in the changing marketing landscape.


Elevate your e-commerce business with our comprehensive suite of services.
Contact us today to learn how we can transform your brand and help you achieve your global ambitions.

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Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Justine Sinclair’s Path to Triumph

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Justine Sinclair’s Path to Triumph

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Justine Sinclair’s Path to Triumph

Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Breaking Barriers: Justine Sinclair’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey Against All...

Daily Inspiration: Meet Justine Sinclair.        

Stars in Her Eyes                                            

From Setbacks to Success: Justine Sinclair’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial....

From Setbacks to Success: Justine Sinclair’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial...

From Setbacks to Success: Justine Sinclair’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial...

Dreamers meet your new fairy godmother: dreamOway

Superstar Guest Justine Sinclair, Founder and CEO, dreamOway

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Revitalizing Dreams: Justine Sinclair’s Resilience in Business

Revitalizing Dreams: Justine Sinclair’s Resilience in Business

Inspirational Women Leaders Of Tech: Justine Sinclair of dreamOway On...

Juntine Sinclair, Founder and CEO, dreamOway

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Navigating Dreams and Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Revitalizing Dreams: Justine Sinclair’s Resilience in Business

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing​

dreamOway Founder and CEO Justine Sinclair is Today’s Honoree

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

International Business

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Navigating Dreams and Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Breaking Chains, Building Opportunities: Justine Sinclair’s Story

Justine Sinclair, Founder and CEO, dreamOway

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Pioneering Personal Branding and Global Marketing

Navigating Dreams and Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Breaking Chains, Building Opportunities: Justine Sinclair's Story

​E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Strategies

Our team specializes in crafting bespoke e-commerce strategies tailored to your brand's unique needs and goals.
From market research and competitor analysis to personalized marketing plans,
we develop a roadmap for success that aligns with your vision.
​Whether you're launching a new product or seeking to optimize your current offerings, our customized approach ensures maximum impact and ROL in the competitive online landscape.

Brand Enhancement and Personalization

Stand out in the crowded e-commerce marketplace with our brand enhancement and personalization services.
We work closely with you to develop a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.
From our brand messaging to product customization and packaging solutions, we elevate your brand's presence and create memorable experiences that drive customer loyalty and repeat business. Let us help you build a strong, cohesive brand that leaves a lasting impression
​on your customers.

Global Business Consulting

Expand your brand's reach and tap into new markets with our expert global business consulting services.
We provide strategic guidance and actionable insights to navigate
the complexities of international expansion, from market entry strategies to localization and cultural adaptation.
​With our comprehensive support, you can confidently expand your business operations worldwide while minimizing risks and maximizing growth opportunities.

Embark on a Journey to Brand Success
with The E-Com Genie!

​Expert Growth Strategies:
Propel your business with customized plans designed to make scaling effortless.
We focus on strategic growth that matches your business's pace and style.

Smooth Market Entry:
Navigate the US market  or globally with ease, mastering its unique legal and
cultural landscapes to establish your brand quickly and effectively.

Enhance Customer Engagement:
Captivate and retain your audience with innovative engagement strategies
that make your brand irresistible.

What We Offer:

Digital Innovation:
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest e-commerce technologies seamlessly integrated
into your business operations.

Tailored Strategies:
Receive personalized strategies that perfectly fit your brand's identity and objectives,
driving sales and increasing market presence.

Expert PR and Marketing Insights:
Build a trusted brand identity with our expert guidance on public relations
and targeted marketing strategies.

Why Choose The E-Com Genie?
Proven E-Commerce Expertise:
We understand the intricacies of the e-commerce landscape,
helping you capture a significant market share.

Data-Driven Success:
Utilize our insights to strategically select the right products for your market, ensuring optimal
positioning and success.

Experience and Passion:
Our dedication to e-commerce excellence drives us to deliver outstanding results,
transforming your vision into reality.

Sustainable Growth and Brand Expansion:
Eco-Friendly Practices: Champion sustainability to make a lasting positive impact
and attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Cultural Competence:
Dive deep into the US market with respect for its history, culture, and values, enhancing your brand’s
local appeal.

Why The Ecom Genie is Your Ideal Partner:

Expert E-Commerce Insight:
Master the dynamics of online business with our deep understanding of market trends.

Customized Strategies:
Elevate your brand with strategies meticulously tailored to meet
your needs.

Digital Mastery:
Boost your visibility with our cutting-edge digital marketing expertise, ensuring your brand
excels in every aspect.

Ready to elevate your e-commerce business? Join forces with The Ecom Genie, your key to success in the dynamic market. Together,
we'll turn your brand into a standout leader.

Global PR and Relationship Building: 
Enhance your international connections and build a trusted, positive reputation across diverse markets. Our expertise ensures strong relationships and credibility worldwide.

"Be yourself. Let your personal story be the heart of
your business's powerful growth."

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Let My Story Inspire Your Dreams

Hello!  I'm Justine Sinclair, and let me tell you, my journey has been an absolute rollercoaster of passion, perseverance, and purpose.

Picture this: I've been a self-taught explorer, diving deep into the intricate world of social media and personal branding. Countless years were devoted to crafting and refining DreamOway. I've danced through the labyrinth of app development, and faced daunting legal and financial challenges in business, all while juggling the profound responsibilities of single motherhood – chasing my entrepreneurial dreams with a fiery determination.

Along this tumultuous journey, I've had my moments in the spotlight, recognized and celebrated for my groundbreaking work in social media app development, and hailed as a mentor
for budding entrepreneurs.
These achievements? They're not just accolades; they're a testament to the burning passion and unwavering commitment that fuel my mission.

But here's the kicker: Beyond the relentless world of business, there's a lot more to my story. Picture a single mom gracefully shouldering the weight of parenthood while building a business from the ground up. Adversity? Oh, it's been my constant companion, and you know what?
I've mastered the art of turning those obstacles into golden opportunities.

Now, let's talk about the hair-raising part of my journey. I poured every last penny I had into DreamOway, ready to conquer the world and achieve the kind of success most folks can only dream about. But guess what? Challenges came charging in like a storm. A promising TV show deal?
It didn't quite pan out as expected, and boy did financial troubles hit me like a ton of bricks.
At my lowest point, I was faced with the gut-wrenching decision to sell
my own home.

But you wanna know what kept me going through all that chaos? It was the unwavering vision of my daughter, a living testament to resilience and the refusal to let go of one's dreams.

I was hell-bent on reigniting my passion for public relations, marketing, advertising, and global Brand consulting, so I turned to mentors who've collectively seen more than $150 million in their careers.

So, here's the deal.
I'm extending an invitation to you. We will be your golden ticket to turn your wildest aspirations into vivid your business.
It's not just a platform;
it's the rocket that will propel your dreams to new heights. Are you ready to take that wild ride with me and
my world-class team?


Case Study

What others are saying about us

"Turning Instagram into a Profitable Playground"

The team has a remarkable knack
for identifying my weaknesses and uncovering hidden strengths I never knew existed. I'm now thoroughly enjoying using my Instagram to share my unique content and, in the process, generating income
that adds to the excitement.
( over 7 reels  over 4 M views, one reel for 15M views in  5 months)
185k followers for great income

- John Mackinn, Belmont NJ

"Surpassing Expectations"

I initially had doubts about her ability to manage
my publication in Australia, and Denmark,  but she handled it adeptly and even delivered an extra five.
I did a Turker  TV show interview ,too

- Sherry  Wave , Sydney Australia

"As a personal trainer to protein Juice"

As a personal trainer with a protein juice startup, partnering with Justine was a game-changer. Her expertise transformed my brand, reignited our market presence, and captured the Asian market, generating over seven figures in less than two years. Justine's strategic insights and marketing brilliance turned our vision into a thriving reality. She is an exceptional force in the industry, driving unparalleled growth and success

- Alf  F, Hampton, NY

"From Zero to $$K"

How Justine Turned My Branding Dreams into a Cheek Stick Success Story in Just 10 Months, with More Exciting Journeys Ahead.
I made 6 figures from 0 in the US and Turkey.
Ready to Launch in Japan and S. Korea. 
 At first, I hesitated to hire Justine, but now I know it was the best decision.

- Emily Penon

"Brand Magic"

She took the time to understand my business needed and tailored services to fit better. The results is a brand that feels right and True to  who I am , Who I want to be.  My global expansion is fun to generate great source of incomes.
Great journey and  more exciting.....

- Nick from  J tea 

"Building Instagram Skills."

In just 7 months,  I have achieved incredible milestones on Instagram. Reaching 80K followers and garnering over 4 million views across
just 4 reels is no small feat. What truly stands out is their launch of 500 sweatshirts, which sold out in just 6 weeks with only $100 spent on ads. This success highlights the power of modern marketing strategies. Impressive work and looking forward to more amazing achievements!"

- Mary Steiner, PA

"From Hesitation to Success Road"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justine for over two years and
her impact has been transformative. Justine is a marketing wizard with exceptional strategic planning skills and leadership. Her industry knowledge, consumer trend insights, and vast network have been invaluable. She helped us make the right hire, cut Facebook ad expenses
by 60%, and achieved fourfold results. Justine’s dedication and problem-solving abilities are unparalleled. She listens, understands, and tackles business challenges with unwavering commitment. Every interaction brings new surprises and exceptional outcomes. Justine consistently surpasses my expectations.

- Joe Allen, K-- company

"Our Quaterback"

I’ve worked with Justine for over two years across  two different brands, and she is truly a marketing miracle genie. She is an extraordinary partner with an outstanding ability to build strategic plans and play the role of a top quarterback, leading the team to success as if by magic. Justine's deep industry knowledge, keen sense of consumer trends, and extensive network support brands of all sizes. Every interaction with her brings new surprises and continued excellence. She consistently exceeds my expectations and impresses me more over time.

- AriRang 

"Great Journey Together"

I really enjoy working with you. You're an amazing and surprising person. I'm excited to embark
on more journeys together. 
Ellen Jacoby was appointed to the First Film Advisory Board, by Governor Jeb Bush, and named “Woman of the Millennium” by Miami Metro Magazine, and a former Mayor of Miami Beach proclaimed October 23rd as Ellen Jacoby Day.

- Ellen Jocoby

"Because of You"

Collaborating with you is a breeze because you're an attentive problem solver who genuinely cares. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with you. I believe that
the upcoming year holds great promise for my new business, thanks to your mission
and support.
Your knowledge is undeniably
a valuable asset.

- Alfredo V

"Genuine Support"

Fantastic Collaboration:  She unearthed my old song and revitalized it. making it shine again...another Billboard Charts.
Your Genuine Support and Heartfelt Work Fuel My Career.
- song, " Be  Myself"

- Qil

"Your service is better than my butter"

I'm amazed by your unwavering support, even during late nights and weekends. Your dedication to helping me is truly thanks. 

- F. Lan

Exceptional Service and Unwavering Commitment: A Tribute to Justine

For the past two years, Justine has been an invaluable asset to our agency, skillfully managing our public sector projects.
Her expertise in digital marketing, content creation, and public relations has significantly enhanced our relationships and presence internationally.
We are fortunate to have her on our team and look forward to more exciting projects together.

Justine's assertive approach ensures that we consistently meet our commitments ahead of schedule.
Her ability to deliver on promises without compromise is nothing short of remarkable.
We are grateful for her contributions and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Thank you, Justine, for helping us navigate this incredible journey.
Your dedication and hard work are deeply appreciated by everyone
at our agency.



1005 Congress Ave unit 925
Austin TX 78701

16192 Coastal Hwy Suite 111
Lewes DE 19958